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PERSONAL COUNSELLING with Jenny at Counselling Stirling

I'd like to help
My individual clients bring a wide range of issues to discuss in their Counselling sessions including stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, couples/ family relationships, workplace issues. Some need only a few sessions to reflect on their life and their future, to explore and understand the changes they'd like to make. Others may be distressed almost beyond endurance and not know which way to turn. Many feel so stuck that their mind goes blank in desperation and anxiety. Many are half way between. Counselling is effective for both men and women.

Counselling offers the opportunity to become more courageous, to think more clearly, and to make possible the actions you wish to take. You can find innovative solutions to what may seem intractable difficulties. After Counselling you should have the confidence to make clearer decisions for yourself which will enhance your life. Depression, stress and anxiety can all be alleviated by having someone listen to your concerns.

Just understanding yourself better can bring benefits if you have low confidence and self-esteem. Workplace issues can be looked at in a new light. Some of us are experiencing great sadness brought on by the grief of bereavement. Many of us repeat mistakes over and over again, but are not aware of this. I can help you address your problems in a positive way, help you clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase your self-awareness.

Whatever the specific challenges you may be facing, exploring these problems and gaining more insight into who you are, should enable you to live a more fulfilling life, at ease with yourself and others.

What benefits can I hope for?
Sharing your burden with a counsellor means you are not alone. Through counselling problems can become clearer and, as you have more insight into the situation which is causing you distress, it is amazing how solutions surface. Counselling heightens your self-awareness as counsellors and psychotherapists are trained to to ask questions specifically designed to help you think in different ways.

Often we think there is only one solution to our problem, but in coming to counselling you are likely to uncover many more. Counselling aims to give you the freedom to be yourself and to be more confident for the rest of your life. So if you have stress, anxiety, depression or workplace issues; or if you have couple or family/ relationship difficulties, do consider counselling with me.

Counselling for Individuals and Couples. Couple Counselling room

COUPLE COUNSELLING with Jenny at Counselling Stirling

Why should we come to Couple Counselling?
When our closest relationship falters our health and happiness suffer and so does that of our partner and family. Relationships that work are based on mutual trust and close emotional connection with our partner - the despair we experience when this begins to unravel is hugely painful. So many things can affect how we are within our couple relationship: stress, anxiety about money or workplace issues, a partner's depression or recent bereavement, adjusting to retirement, loss of physical health, relationship problems with in-laws. We are affected by things we never expected to happen, a partners criminal activities, infidelities, constant lying, abuse, lack of respect. Some of us have an abusive partner with whom it is increasingly difficult to live. These and other more immediate family issues affecting any children or step-children affect our contact with our special partner and we may possibly feel ourselves withdrawing.

It can help to talk to a professional, impartial counsellor to get a clearer picture of what is disturbing your relationship: perhaps there has been a breakdown of trust between you, sex may have become a burden or have ended; it may be there is violence or a series of contentious issues leading to continual arguments which remain unresolved. It is normal for relationships to evolve over time; for some of us the change is welcome while for others it causes resentment and anger.

Together we will work towards the best outcome for both of you. This may mean that you both can be supported to create the relationship you wish for; or it may be that your relationship is in its terminal stages and the mental health of you both and any children you have is best served by the relationship ending.

Couple Counselling - how we work together.
Evaluation Session - couple seen together. We use this session to identify the issues you wish to bring and agree a way forward.
Sessions 1 and 2 - couple seen together.
Sessions 3 - one client seen individually.
Session 4 - the other client seen individually.
Session 5 and 6 - couple seen together.
Thereafter the pattern is repeated until we conclude.
NB. Individual sessions allow clients to formulate their thoughts and feelings in a personal, private space. Topics of conversation at these session may become, with permission, topics in subsequent couple sessions.

What benefits can we hope for?
Counselling helps you become more reflective on why you react in certain ways. You can explore why you are both reacting to painful situations in your own individual ways. We are often surprised when our partner tells truthfully how they feel. Problems in relationships often happen because life is so busy, the demands of others, children sometimes, are so great we have no time to connect.

In a private space together and individually you can become reflective of your relationship, and even though problems have become deeply entrenched counselling enables you to openly reflect on and talk about the issues. If the relationship ends, you take away from counselling a greater self-awareness and understanding which will enable you to ensure that future relationships do not re-run the same problems.

Individual Counselling for life's many difficulties including - Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Stress and Workplace issues.

Counselling Stirling (for Individuals and Couples) based in Bridge of Allan, is easily reached by road, rail and bus from Falkirk, Dunblane, Kippen, Callander and The Hillfoots.

Couple Counselling for relationship issues. Call or text 07768 422359 or email via the sidebar.

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I hold a Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a Registered Member of BACP (The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, CounsellorsUK and SEA (Society for Existential Analysis)

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