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Counselling Stirling - compassionate and qualified Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples - Supervision for Practitioners.

Hello and welcome to Counselling Stirling. My name is Jenny and I am a qualified and Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychology (MBACP), CounsellorsUK and The SEA. I am committed to providing Individual and Couples counselling and psychotherapy in a safe and confidential space. My Counselling Stirling practice in Bridge of Allan is in easy reach by road, rail and bus from Falkirk, Dunblane, Kippen, Callander, Auchterarder and The Hillfoots.

I am available for Couple and Individual consultations weekdays and some evenings. Please see my FAQ page for answers to some questions you may have.

As an Individual or a Couple would it be helpful to talk to someone you can trust?

Do you feel unhappy, depressed, low or alone?

Are some of your closest relationships difficult?

Has life become unfulfilling?

Do you have difficulties which seem impossible to solve?

What could Counselling or Psychotherapy do for me?

"My sessions with Jenny allowed me to find clarity, understanding and renewed confidence to enjoy my life again." (M.G. Falkirk)

My clients bring a variety of painful experiences, here are just a few of their difficulties:

  • Abuse: Emotional, Verbal, Physical and Sexual: if you are being abused it is natural to try and make yourself safe. You may have become meek and apologetic and be fearful for those you love. You could be exhausted by trying to placate the offender and are beginning to realize that, whatever you try, it doesn't work. You could be in constant physical danger and feel you are at breaking point. Both men and women can find themselves in abusive relationships. Do you have experiences like this? Counselling can help.

  • Anger: we all have to manage our anger but for some of us it's really difficult. If you regularly express your anger through unhelpful or destructive behaviour you may find anger is having an impact on family and work relationships and your own health. Counselling could help as it can identify the triggers for your anger and then enable you find different ways of expressing angry feelings. Do you or a loved one have this problem? Counselling can help.

  • Anxiety: everyone feels anxious sometimes, but when anxiety is constant, it can feel like a tight knot in your stomach which you can't untie. Low self-esteem and lack of self confidence contribute to anxiety. Do you have panic attacks, or experience social anxiety, are you obsessive about something and feel a compulsion to sort it out? Is this you? Counselling can help you understand what's going on and give you confidence to try new ways of dealing with anxiety.

  • Depression: depression is different from feeling sad and low. It affects all parts of our life as we experience loss of interest or pleasure in things we previously enjoyed. Depression can cause feelings of guilt and worthless, and may connected to low self-esteem. For some of us our feelings of deep sadness may lead us to consider suicide. Our sleep is disturbed, we may have no appetite or we overeat. We have low energy and poor concentration. Depression can happen at any age and counselling is an effective way to understand what's happening and help lift those feelings. Is this you or a loved one? As a Counsellor I can help.

  • Bereavement - Grief and Loss: grief is a natural response to loss. It's the emotional suffering we experience when someone or something we love is taken away. The more significant the loss the more intense the grief. You may associate bereavement with losing a family member or a dear friend, but a sense of grief and loss can also be caused by divorce, relationship breakdown, the loss of former good health, of your home or job, a pet or a cherished dream. Could this be you? Counselling can help.

  • Relational issues: with partners, parents, siblings or work colleagues. Couples and their families can go through difficult times, we could say that's normal. However, sometimes situations escalate and become overwhelming, leaving us with depression, anxiety and stress. Even though as a couple you have previously had a close relationship, your partner may have a very different personality and hold views and opinions with which you find you cannot agree. These differences can provoke constant arguments which cause great distress. There can be such a breakdown in relationships that you don't speak to each other for weeks. Are you in a situation like this and don't know where to turn? Counselling can help.

  • Stress: feeling stressed is part of everyday life but living with stress is something different. Stress is a complex condition. Maybe you feel you have very little patience, no concentration, you've become hyper-vigilant, and are are very irritable. It may be you have witnessed or experienced events which have involved threatened death or serious injury to yourself or others: in this case you may have Post Traumatic Stress. Counselling can help.

  • Workplace issues: whether you're an employee or self-employed, in management or workforce, Workplace Issues can be overwhelming. Good people are held back from advancement, be made redundant; some suffer harassment, bullying, discrimination by management or colleagues. The stress of some Workplace issues can place extreme demands on our ability to do our work effectively and enjoy our home-life. These pressures affect our health, our job security and our relationships. The end of a working life - retirement- also can bring its own unique difficulties. Could this be you or close colleague? Counselling can help.

  • By talking with Jenny at Counselling Stirling - What benefits can you hope for?

    "You equipped me for life in a way that I could not have realized." (B.J. Dunblane)

    Counselling and psychotherapy with an experienced, fully trained professional who won't judge you, can give you the freedom to talk about things you wouldn't normally admit to. Counselling is helpful in making you feel less alone and isolated in your distress, especially if the problem is something you are too embarrassed to speak about with friends or family. If you have depression, anxiety and stress you rarely feel your true self; but Counselling can enable you to find life easier to cope with and to understand your problems and put them in perspective. Making it easier to take responsibility for your own change deciding on new courses action.

    Counselling also improves your physical well-being by giving you more energy to enjoy life. It is exhausting when workplace issues, grief and breavement, and couple difficulties come into our lives; our energy is depleted and we feel low, anxious and on our own. Counselling Stirling gives you the opportunity to look at what's going on in your life in a secure and reassuring environment. It enables you to look at your past, understand what's happening now and reflect on how you wish to live in the future. Talking with a Counsellor can help loosen-up set patterns of thought and behavior, and enable you to identify new directions for meaningful change.

    Individual Counselling for life's many difficulties including - Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Stress and Workplace issues.

    Counselling Stirling (for Individuals and Couples) based in Bridge of Allan, is easily reached by road, rail and bus from Falkirk, Dunblane, Kippen, Callander and The Hillfoots.

    Couple Counselling for relationship issues. Call or text 07768 422359 or email via the sidebar.

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    I hold a Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a Registered Member of BACP (The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), CounsellorsUK and The SEA (Society for Existential Analysis)

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