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My letter to you. Library Image: Sunflowers

My letter to you

Dear Client

This letter explains how I work so that you can understand why I ask the questions I do and what interests me and motivates me to be your counsellor and psychotherapist.

Below are questions that many human beings ask themselves, either fleetingly or in depth and these are the questions I wish to look at with you. All of us have difficulties in our lives, depression, stress, anxiety, couple and relationship difficulties, workplace issues and bereavement. Looking at ourselves to understand how and why we do what we do may bring understanding and a sense of contentment and enable us to live with ourselves more happily; this self understanding can positively affect those we love, live and work with.

I am interested in who you think you are. I hope to help you answer this and other questions relevant to you personally:

  • How should I live?
  • What in life is most important to me?
  • What can I hope to achieve?
  • Will I ever feel stronger and more positive?
  • When do I feel most contented and fulfilled?
  • What's stopping me reach that contentment?
  • How should I act in relation to others?
  • Is happiness possible?
  • What makes me really angry?
  • What's expected of me?
  • Is there fairness in the world?
  • Can I make a change for the better for myself and others?
  • Can I find a way of overcoming my troubles?

    And so many more. Through counselling it's possible to work out what you believe to be true for you, to become more courageous and find creative solutions to your problems. Many of us repeat the mistakes that others in our family have made, but we are not aware of doing so. At the end of your counselling with me I hope that you can answer some of the questions relevant to you, understand who you are and what you think life is, so that you can bring joy to your life and those dear to you.

    Counselling and psychotherapy is a very big undertaking, one that can seem too much at times, but most who have been through my type of counselling have achieved sufficient self-knowledge to live a more contented and full-filled life.

    All of us, through self-awareness, is capable of choice and is responsible for our own behaviour.

    My very best wishes to you.

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  • Individual Counselling for life's many difficulties including - Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Stress and Workplace issues.

    Counselling Stirling (for Individuals and Couples) based in Bridge of Allan, is easily reached by road, rail and bus from Falkirk, Dunblane, Kippen, Callander and The Hillfoots.
    Couple Counselling for relationship issues. Call or text 07768 422359 or email via the sidebar.

    I hold a Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a Registered Member of BACP (The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), CounsellorsUK and The SEA (Society for Existential Analysis)
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